During startup of critical equipment and commissioning, it is very important to monitor vibration and process parameters. Extensive damage to the machine may be avoided if the correct data is collected and analyzed.  This is also true for startup of critical rotating machinery after an outage.  This is when excessive unbalance, seal rubs, misalignment, bearing issues and other problems can manifest themself’s. 

KSC uses multi-channel spectrum analyzers to continuously monitor data from casing sensors as well as proximity probes.  Our instrumented trailer can be left on site for continuous monitoring for several day if needed.  

startup vibration monitoring

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Connected to Bently Nevada 3300 Rack to Monitor Turbine-Generator Startup. 

​Ken Singleton, Manager KSC in Instrumented Trailer 

Rotating Machinery Reliability


Transient Data Collected During Startup/Load Changes/Coastdown Can Be Plotted in Various Formats to Diagnose Problems.