Traditional ODS of Blower at 1X Run Speed. Frame flexure is obvious. Maximum vibration 1.40 in/sec pk.

High speed fan, belt driven. Frame 1st torsional natural frequency excited by unbalance of the motor sheave.

Rotating Machinery Reliability



Video ODS of Blower at 1X Run Speed.

A three lobe gear pump mounted on guide rails with guide rail welds broken. This allowed excessive pump movement.

An Apple IPhone 8 was used to capture diesel engine vibration at 4 times crank shaft run speed.

We use MEscope and MEscopeNXT to process high speed video to display the motion of machines, structures, etc. Using the same technology that robotic vision and autonomous vehicle companies utilize to detect objects in motion, MEscope ODS Videos™ accurately measure surface vibration from a video. Then the graphics are attached to a surface and it is deformed using amplified and filtered ODS data, either from time waveforms or from frequency spectra extracted from the video.

All of the time-tested features of the MEscope ODS software can be used to document the vibration. The time waveforms. frequency spectra, ODS’s & videos are stored in a machine-based archival database.