Foundry - Compaction Stage ODS.

operating deflection analysis (ODS)

An ODS measures the vibration of a machine or structure at various points laided out on the machine or structure using at least two sensors.  The sensors are typically accelerometers.  One sensor remains at a fixed location (reference sensor) during the test. The other sensor (or multiple sensors) are moved over the test structure or machine to measure vibration at each defined point and direction using a multi-channel spectrum analyzer.  The vibration data are imported to ME’scope and linked to a 3D Model. The 3D Model can be animated at each of the vibration frequencies of interest or in the time domain to display the vibratory amplitude and motion of the machine or structure.
 Once the vibration shape deflection is understood, modifications to the machine or structure can be proposed and evaluated. Very complex model can be developed for detailed analysis.

A hIgh speed video camera or even a cell phone can also be used to record video of a machine or structure then the video is processed using ME'scope or ME'scopeNXT. The motion in the resulting video is amplified to clearly show the deflected vibrating shape.  

ODS Animated Model of Blower showing frame deflection and distortion at the run speed frequency.

Hydrogen Reciprocating Compressor ODS

Rotating Machinery Reliability