KSC L.L.C. specializes in machinery diagnostics, vibration analysis and machinery reliability.  We use various technologies to determine the root cause of machinery malfunctions.  These analytical tools include vibration analysis using spectrum analyzers, rotor and bearing modeling using FE based DyRoBeS, experimental modal analysis, operating deflection shape analysis (ODS) and Video ODS using ME'scopeNXT.


Ken Singleton, Manager, has over 55 years industrial experience in manufacturing, maintenance and reliability. 40 of those years have been in the vibration analysis field investigating rotating, reciprocating machinery and structural vibrations problems.


KSC L.L.C. was formed Feb 2002.  Since then, we have provided consulting to over 80 plant sites in the US. Work has included establishing condition monitoring programs, machinery and structural vibration analysis, rotor-bearing modeling, witnessed testing of reciprocating and rotating machinery, monitoring startup of critical rotating equipment trains and periodic vibration monitoring. 


Ken has written and presented technical papers at the Vibration Institute National Training Seminars, Piedmont and Tennessee Valley Chapters of the Vibration Institute, ASME Joint Power Conference, P/PM Conferences and Society For Machinery Failure Prevention Technology.

Bob McGinnis P.E. has worked with KSC on many projects for over 25 years. Ken and Bob have also authored several technical papers. 

Ken is Certified ISO Level IV Vibration Analyst

Rotating Machinery Reliability


Ken Singleton, Manager

Bob McGinnis P.E.

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